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Be A Part Of Something Big

Friends of Cville Downtown includes residents, business owners, property owners, philanthropists, civic organizations, and artists, who all care deeply about the future of Charlottesville. We invite you to join us for regular meetings to hear and discuss what is happening in Downtown Charlottesville. Together we can!

Members and friends receive our weekly newsletter keeping you up-to-date on the latest happenings along the mall, and invitations to meetings. Business members additionally receive marketing through our Downtown Mall website and events calendar, along with additional networking opportunities with fellow members throughout the year.


Join Us!

Donations are fully tax-deductible as a business expense. To pay by check, please send your payment to: Friends of Cville Downtown, Inc. P.O. Box 253, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902. Please send any questions to



  • Titan $25,000
  • Platinum $10,000
  • Diamond $5,000
  • Gold $2,500
  • Silver $1,000
  • Bronze $500

All-star memberships come with prioritized listings, advertising opportunities, and additional perks.


  • Professional Services $300
  • Arts & Entertainment $200
  • Storefront $200
  • Non-Profit $100
  • Community Member $100

Business Member Benefits

Friends of Cville Downtown strives to provide a high level of service to our Member Businesses. In addition to providing marketing opportunities, leadership roles, and an influential forum for turning ideas into actions, we strive to keep our Member Businesses up-to-date with recent news, information, and events happening Downtown. Membership benefits include:


At Friends of Cville Downtown, we strongly support our Member Businesses in all their events and marketing campaigns. And in our own marketing, we feature Friends of Cville Downtown Member Businesses and give them top priority in Downtown recommendations.


Friends of Cville Downtown Member Businesses enjoy an enhanced listing on our website, now including a direct link to your own Member Business website.


Weekly, we send out a newsletter highlighting Friends of Cville Member Businesses’ events, festivals, activities, programs, concerts, plays, and more going on in Downtown Charlottesville. Sign up for our newsletter here!


We have a large Facebook presence with 18,000+ likes and Instagram presence with 4,500+ followers that we use to promote the Downtown Mall. For Member Businesses, we offer free advertising to a wider, but still relevant audience with our “Membership Spotlight” campaign and eye-catching posts. We also advertise special events, sales, and campaigns of Member Businesses for free.


In past years, we have partnered with various radio, print and television publications to create promotional packages and advertising discounts for Cville Downtown merchants.


Every Friends of Cville Member Business is connected on a membership email list to encourage communication and promote partnerships and networking. This list has not been, and never will be, sold. You can become a Member Business here. Please send any questions to